Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Making Paper

Making paper is a real test of faith in the impossible or improbable.  It's hard to believe that the paper pulp mixture which is more watery than very runny porridge can actually end up as paper.  Its also hard to believe that the slim layer of pulp in your mold will actually come off intact and not just flop out in a soggy mess.  And lastly it seems unlikely that the newly formed piece of very wet paper will ever come off the piece of paper it is drying on or alternatively it might fall off and return to being a pile of pulp again.
Miraculously, 99% of the time, none of the above happen.  freshly made paper is as resilient as a baby and it survives a fair amount of inept handling.
This week I showed Mariana the basics of paper making. We had wet and messy fun and here are some photo's to prove it. 
Mariana removes the mold and deckle from the basin of pulp

Having fun splattering ink onto the wet molded paper before releasing it.

The spotty paper still on the mold
Pressing the mold onto the mound to release the newly formed sheet of paper
Just love those irregular pieces of hand made paper


Anairam said...

Oh, this was just the best, Colleen! When I came home I hung them all on my clothes drying rack, and I removed them from the cotton backing late last night. Despite my initial lack of faith they all peeled off beautifully - even the uneven one with the very delicate edges! Thank you for a fantastic morning and a new skill learnt. PS I am posting some pics of my paper on my blog later tonight - if I may, I would love to include a link to this post of yours.

Colleen Ross said...

so glad you enjoyed it. I'd love to put a link to your blog from mine so hopefully I'll pick it up soon. Look fforward to seeing what amazing things you do with your paper.